Thriving Through Uncertainty

“MAPI’s Executive Summit is perfectly tailored to today’s manufacturing leaders. The conference delivers quality speakers on the critical issues facing our businesses today and into the future — from managing global risks to accelerating growth and innovation to driving organizational agility. It really is the place to be if you want to discuss solutions for your top business challenges with executives at the highest levels.”
— Raj Batra, President, Digital Factory Division, Siemens U.S.

Industrial manufacturing has experienced an extended period of slow and uneven global growth over the last decade that has amplified the sector's tendencies toward incremental innovation, underinvestment in IT infrastructure, and a slow-moving approach to cultural transformation. Given the decline in resource industries, high inventories, unfavorable currency dynamics, and global political unrest on the rise, the next 12 months promise questionable relief. 

Executive Summit V will focus on issues of concern to manufacturers to help them

  • create awareness and mitigate key risks;
  • highlight proven approaches for driving growth during uncertainty; and
  • share examples of how leaders build agile teams, processes, and cultures.

Executive Summit V has three distinct themes.


managing global risk

How leaders can respond to and manage global challenges, such as geopolitical risks, currency fluctuation, supply chain elongation, and other operational risks. 

ACCELERATING growth & innovation

How industrials can deliver revenue, profit, and market share growth in an uncertain and volatile economy, whether through rapid innovation, digital sales/marketing tools, or moving up the services value chain. 

driving organizational agility 

How leaders, faced with unprecedented organizational complexity, can deliver on ambitious growth targets in the face of challenges, including skilled workforce shortages, disparate generations, outmoded leadership development models, and rapidly evolving technology needs.